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News > The Development of Science and Technology of Medicinal Herbs and Traditional Medicine Headquarters in the year passed.

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The Development of Science and Technology of Medicinal Herbs and Traditional Medicine Headquarters in the year passed.


With the aim of helping to develop the cultivation, processing and use of these valuable products in various industries, the Development of Science and Technology of Medicinal Herbs and Traditional Medicine Headquarters hastried to create jobs, increase health and vitality in society, improve knowledge-based products, non-oil exports and finally achieve the prospectof the year (1404) 2015 in the few recent years.

In 2017 (1396), the Development of Science and Technology of Medicinal Herbs and Traditional Medicine Headquarters has been performed the operational and valuable activities withdouble endeavor to realize the slogan of the year "Resistance Economy, Production, and Employment". Among these activities we can name the completion of measures such as: employing the expertsof the related field as provincial representatives, the promotion and institutionalization of the thought of using the medicinal herbsamong students, supporting the production and commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, supportingand developing the market and the export of the relevant products and services by carrying out projects for knowing the provincial capacities, the development and creating sustainable employment relating to medicinal herbs in rural regions, the running of training courses on job standards in the deprived regions of the country and ultimately coherence, interaction and enlarging the internal and inter-organizational coordination by holding the meetings of the headquarters council and specialized workshops, and preparing the provincial approaches for the realization of the National Document of Medicinal Herbs and Traditional Medicine in line with the national message of Resistance Economy, Production and Employment in the form of the balanced missions of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology Headquarters.

Here are some of the achievements in this field in 2017 (1396), as a symbol of progression in brief. These cases have been directly or indirectly supported and sponsored by the Development of Science and Technology of Medicinal Herbs and Traditional Medicine Headquarters:

 • Increasing the issuance of licenses for the production of traditional and herbal medicines and products by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (Food and Drug Administration) from 2800 items in 2016 (1395) to more than 3359 items in 2017 (1396);

• Production registration and commercialization of 483 knowledge- basedmedicinal products and human and animal natural products by the end of the year 96;

• The production and commercialization of five herbal medicines and traditional medicine products in 2017 (1396) with the following names:

- Herbal anti-amyloid drugs for the treatment of alzheimer,

- Wound dressings based on the effective release of herbal extracts at the wound surface,

- Respiratory mask using Aloe vera capsule

- "Vinovin (tablets and ointments)", effective in the prevention and treatment of varicose veins and vascular deficiency,

- andRonaless capsules (green coffee and soybeans).

• Increasing the number of issued licenses ofmedicines and veterinary supplements for controlling animal, poultry and aquaculture diseases from 46 items in 2016 (1395) to 55 items in 2017 (1396);

• Producing appetite and antisarcoptes scabies herbal medicines by Barij Essence, Pars Imen Daroo, Sina Tasnim Sepahan and Makyan Dam Pars pharmaceutical companies;

• Production and commercialization of 2 herbal medicines in veterinary and plant pathology with the names of "Avishit Barij" for the treatment and prevention of fungal spores of aquatic and especially fowl eggs and insecticide containing effective ingredient of garlic and pepper extract with trading name of "Tond Exir";

• Technological development in the production of three items of seedlings classes, reproductive organs and primary vegetative nuclei in medicinal and industrial herbs with the following names: production of cumin lines resistant  to Fusarium, the production of commercial varieties of native henna, the development and proliferation of free contamination carla by modern methods of tissue culture and meristem;

• Approval and fixation of 6 standard active essences of medicinal and aromatic herbs at the National Organization of Standards;

• Signing a Memorandum of Understanding on Scientific and Student Interaction ofPh.D. and the Master of Medicinal Herbswith Hungary and the grant of the scholarship of Government of Hungary to 300 Iranian Students;

• Establishment of the Student"s Medicinal Herbal Group in the Research House of Ghalamchi in Arak city;

• Approval of 3 clauses related to the medicinal herbs and traditional medicine of the sixth five-year development plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran;

• Adding a list of Iranian natural medicines to the dictionary of the World Health Organization (WHO);

• Establishment of the Regional Medicinal Herbs Coordination Center at the Lekno Institute of Medicinal Herbs in India;

• To prepare, Compile and publish 20 packages of entrepreneurship in the field of medicinal herbs and natural and traditional products and increase it to 40 packages.

• Publishing 6 titles of Traditional Medicine in the form of the revival of Iran"s written medical heritage (Shahed 2) with titles of: - Nutrition of Patients from the Perspective of Iranian Traditional Medicine by Mohammad Kazem Ibn al-Hakim Mohammad Roshan Zamir; Collection of Books of Dr. Seyed Jalaludin Mostafavi Kashani (Volume 8),Zakhireh Kharazmashahi Book 1, - Qarabadin Kabir Mohammad Zakaria Razi, - Contemporary Resucitators of theIranian Traditional Medicine, Volume 1, - Iranian Medicine in the Articles, Mohammad Zakaria Razi;

• Implementation of entry pilot of  the Traditional Medicine Services in the primary health and medical care system in 9 universities of Iran.

In thefollowing year and after the successful past projects to carry out the national herbs document, as the most prominent action, we can mention theFourth National Festival and Exhibition of Medicinal Herbs, Natural Products and Iranian Traditional Medicine, which can bea chance to discuss and promote science and technology in the field of medicinal herbs and products industry. Certainly, this great social and scientific event will be the motive for performing the resistance economy approach and showing the scientific and economic capabilities of the experts in this field. In such a situation, the awareness and knowledge of society, which is national wealth indeed, is displayed at the height of the interaction and effective competitionas a national event in order to strengthen the knowledge-based economy that relies on indigenous domestic capital. Therefore, holding this conference is so important because it can motivate the scientific and economic community and for compiling the cultural attachment of knowledge-based economy in the field of medicinal herbs of the country.



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