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News > A more serious role-playing of the technology ecosystem of the country

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A more serious role-playing of the technology ecosystem of the country

Head of Pardis technology park explained about the considerable measures taken by the park as an effort to enhance the entrepreneurship chain in the country. According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Mahdi Safarinia, head of Pardis technology park, considered the strength of the park in 2017 to be the entrepreneurial approach in the change of idea-to-product, stating: idea owner, inventors, startups, young teams, mature companies, and active industries in the country are all somehow in this chain. He added: we have tried to seriously have a role in each section of entrepreneurship so that this chain could be sustainable. According to Safarinia, Pardis technology park will aim to play a more serious role in the technology and innovation of the country in 2018 by increasing the empowering and completing measures. He continued: in addition, we try to have a more important role in the national system of innovation of the country and ecosystem of entrepreneurship of the country. Head of Pardis technology park expressed his hope that the park could help the flourishing of new knowledge-based companies and startups more than before. He also explained about better empowerment of knowledge-based companies based in Pardis technology park, introducing it as one of the important measures taken to improve this chain.

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