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HESA-A is a coated tablet with natural origin of lobster, caraway and celery. The drug can reduce pain, increase appetite, modify and control liver enzymes and distant metastasis.



HESA-A is used for treatment of metastatic cancers of liver and bile ducts, hematoma, intestinal and colon cancers, breast cancer, urogenital cancers, sarcomas, and carcinomas.

HESA-A is contraindicated in cases where the patient has a history of gallstones with liver origin and varicose esophagus and stomach bleeding or large open wounds. In such cases, caution in use is essential and should be administered direct medical supervision.



SaffroMood, a herbal anti-depressant is a gelatin capsule containing 150 mg dried standardized extract of saffron (quantified by input) mixed with vitamin B6. Passing successful clinical trials, SaffroMood is now commercially produced.


A French company using this Iranian study produced Saframyl antidepressant for the first time in 2008 which has been registered in the European Pharmacopoeia and introduced to the pharma market.


Avishit Barij solution

The product of essential oil of thyme is provided and for the treatment and prevention of fungal infection farmed fish, particularly fish eggs used. This herbal combination is a good alternative to chemical compounds that in addition to environmental risks to humans are dangerous.

Administration and Dosage:

The products for the prevention, control and treatment of fungal pollution rainbow trout and sturgeon fish roe fish dose 50 ppm for 1 hour after the end of the gastrulation.





Varrocide is an herbal-based anti varroa drug with anti -parasitic properties. Varrocide is a 100% herbal drug which contains active ingredients of thyme, lavender, and some other medicinal plants. Its most important active ingredients are phenolic compounds such as thymol, carvacrol, as well as linalool.


Since Varrocide and food of honey bees both have herbal origins, this drug, with no side effects for human and bees, is also of great significance for honey quality and food hygiene.


Dentol is a dental drop formulated based on studies on an Iranian endemic plant (Savory of Khuzestan). Dentol contains 10% carvacrol effective in relieving pain and eliminating infection of decayed teeth. This drug is very fast acting and has been internationally marketed.     


Calendula Officinalis

Calendula ointment contains 1.5% calendula officinalis extract and is used for treatment of skin lesions such as allergic dermatitis, prevention and relief of skin irritation due to radiation treatment, skin injuries including scratches, cuts, and dry and cracked skin, prevention and treatment of sunburn, and alleviation of the itch and inflammation from insect bite.






Each coated Livergol tablet contains dried milk thistle (Silybum marianum) formulated in two dosages of 70 and 140mg Silymarin. Livergol is used for protection of liver, inducing bile, treatment of acute and chronic hepatitis, fatty liver, and cirrhosis, and reducing toxicities of anticancer drugs.  



Urtica ZB

Urtica syrup is formulated using active ingredient of urtica dioica. Urtica is prescribed in treatment of kidney stones, reduction of inflation and urinary tract infections.






Opiucough is an herbal-based anti-cough syrup containing compounds purified from noscapine, sundew (drosera), licorice, eucalyptus, and peppermint. It is administered in treatment of dry and productive coughs, improving breathing, and reducing lower respiratory tract Irritability.



Aftogel oral patch contains standardized extract of licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.). Aftogel contains 18.0 mg pyrogal-based polyphenols. It is used for treatment of stomatitis, thrush and mouth sores, and chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis. This drug is patented in Iran and U.S.A as well.









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