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Saturday, June 6, 2020-
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The Most Outstanding Achievements in Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine 


  1. Over 112 knowledge-based enterprises in medicinal plants, herbal medicines, natural products, and traditional medicine.
  2. Manufacturing and commercialization of more than 483 knowledge-intensive products of natural human and animal products and medicines.
  3. Development of over 500 enterprises in the areas of medicinal plants, herbal medicines, natural products, and traditional medicine.
  4.  Increase in licensing and manufacturing of natural and traditional human and animal products and medicines up to 3414 items.
  5.  Increase in scientific production in medicinal plants including 1000 annual research articles indexed in Scopus’s Web of Knowledge.
  6. Promotion of Iran’s scientific production rank in medicinal plants.
  7. Increase in the number of traditional medicine and traditional pharmacy colleges to 8.
  8.  Implementation of comprehensive plan including identification, comparison, emendation, translation, and compilation of written medical works; traditional medicine texts in particular.
  9. Recruitment of more than 100 faculty members in traditional medicine colleges and admission of over 500 students in different programs of traditional medicine and traditional pharmacy.
  10. Establishment of over 52 healthcare centers for traditional medicine by early 2016.
  11. Over 5500 students in the related fields of medicinal plants in all levels (under graduate, graduate, post graduate).
  12. Improvement and development of gen bank of endemic or endangered medicinal plant species and conservation of 1550 herbal species.
  13. Completion of studies of commercial domestication and cultivation of over 170 species and varieties of medicinal plants.
  14.  Preparation of master atlas of medicinal plants for recording the benefits and conserving plant species at a scale of 1:250,000 in  provinces.
  15. Identification and registration of information related to phytopathology and distribution of 2300 species of the country’s flora.
  16.  Compilation of 40 entrepreneurial packages for medicinal plants and natural products.
  17.  Compilation of job standards including 134 job titles in 7 main parts of value chain.


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