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Technology area


Pharmaceutical manufacturing industrial cluster

- Production of new and innovative natural technology-based products

- Production of animal and human herbal-based medicines in dosage forms of tablet, cream, syrup, capsule, and etc. …

- Development of existing chains in industry of manufacturing herbal medicines and natural products.

- Production of API (active pharmaceutical Ingredient) for herbal medicines as raw material and develop primary industries prerequisite for manufacturing and process industries

- Production of natural medicine for special diseases (cancer, Alzheimer's, ..)

- monopoly in producing herbal medicines using new technologies in cell and tissue culture

- Production of animal herbal-based medicines for disease control of livestock, poultry, aquatic and natural pesticides

- Production of herbal masks

Processing and food industries cluster

- Medicinal plants processing industry in special economic zones focusing on export

- Processing of medicinal plants and aromatic distilled waters (landowners are prioritized investors)

- Processing of medicinal herb gels and compotes (Aloe vera and etc.)

- Production of a range of honey-based products and different packages designed for export

- Production of medicinal herbs extract, aromatic distilled water, and edible essence

- Production of natural oils

- Optimization of producing, processing, and packaging of saffron with an eye to commercializing and producing medicines

- Production of different medicinal plant-based beverages

- Processing and packaging of strategic and priority medicinal plants

- Processing and packaging of sea foods (algae, …)

- Production of medicinal plant-based chocolates and gummys  

- Production of different natural food preservatives

- Mass production of endemic medicinal mushrooms of Iran

- Production of different kinds of bread using aromatic medicinal plants

- Production of a range of herbal teas and tea bags with new formulation


Agriculture and medicinal plants development cluster

- Production of cuttings, seedlings, seeds, seedlings, bulbs and rhizomes of most commonly used medicinal plants

- Domestication and propagation of  the most used medicinal plants

- Manufacturing of  herbal-based bio pesticides and other biologic products used in plant protection ,anti  pests, diseases, and weeds

- Establishment of national accredited reference laboratory for saffron

- Industrial cultivation of strategic medicinal plants

- Packaging of modified seeds

-  Establishment of seed warehouses for medicinal plants

- Establishment of centers for distribution of traditional and natural medicines and products.


traditional medicine Hygiene and health products cluster

- Establishment of private healthcare centers for traditional medicine practice

- Establishment of private clinics for traditional medicine practice

- manufacturing of herbal hygiene products and cosmetics

- Establishment of herbal pharmacies  

- Commercial manufacturing of air freshener sprays with natural and herbal ingredients

- Construction of museums for history of traditional medicine (national and regional)

- Restoration, collection, and compilation of written heritage of traditional medicine



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