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Major Goals


Major Goals

Goals of Vision 2025:

  1. Gaining 20% of pharma market value of the country by approved products with a herbal medicine origin and natural products and 10% of health market value by products produced based on traditional medicine principles and 2% of pharma market value by approved products with traditional medicine drug origin.
  2. Gaining 4% of pharma market value by products produced based on principles of traditional medicine including six essential health principles of Iranian traditional medicine.
  3.  Increasing export of medicinal herbs, medicinal herbal-based products and herbal products to join the top 10 countries.
  4. Gaining 3% of world science production in the field of medicinal herbs and medicinal herbal-based products.
  5.  Obtaining 1% of the world patents in the field of medicinal herbs and the related products.
  6. Registering and supporting all types of endemic and/or endangered species of medicinal plants through national conservation systems.
  7. Decreasing formal and informal harvesting on public lands to 200,000 hectare in 2025 vision.
  8. Increasing areas under cultivation of medicinal plants and fragrant plants to 500,000 hectare in 2025 vision.
  9. Improving insurance coverage at the rate of 30% out of pocket expenses in the field of traditional medicine.
  10.  Improving society’s health through developing traditional medicine and enjoying a holistic attitude and principles of health care.
  11. Gaining the first rank of the region in terms of meeting health and medical needs in the traditional medicine area and increasing export of services, technical knowledge, and natural and herbal products up to 20% of the medical services export of the country.
  12. Increasing annual patent applications and achieving annual 50 patent applications in 2025 in the scope of traditional medicine products.

“life environment”, “food”, “spiritual status”, “physical activity”, “sleeping and awaking”, “excretion and retention”


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